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My name is Chen jianuo, 11 years old this year, 130 cm tall, I am born in the year of the ox, wearing a pair of small glasses is a little black! 翻译的有点业余,请参考

It was a strange day, and there was a cry of small urine. It ushered in a good day, good morning. May all be well. (望采纳,蟹蟹

Seeking stone sinus bells cold, the corridor waist is biased. The temple is ridiculous and self-sufficient. Gu Wutong proverb, Songfeng and Yanquan. A bay cloud stack is small, and Tan Yu accumulates natural.

他不高,身材微胖,小平头,戴着一副黑框眼镜。 英语翻译: He is not tall, and has a chubby figure with chropped hair and a pair of black frame glasses.

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