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AbstractMatsutake is a precious and rare kind of fungus. Matsutake ectomycorrhizal fungi of trophobiosis. Due to its special ecological habit, it can't be planted by human. It is wild or semi-artificial so far.According to the research, it exists problems

Chinese culture has both extensive knowledge and profound scholarship , 56 nations all have respective characteristic culture. Confucius says: On the ampere administer the people, is expert in gift , alters old customs and habits , Mo does not laugh

Chinese culture is broad and profound, 56 people all have their own characteristics and culture. Confucius said: install the rule the people, not at the ceremony, change existing habits and customs, Mo Shan is not happy, and to rule the world. Visible

Listen to the art ofThe famous American host link Wright day visit a kid, and asked him: "want to be when you grow up to be what ah?" Children naively replied: "well I want when the plane driver!" Link Wright immediately after ask: "if one day

I walked on the ice, and I played for a while when I was on it. While I was having fun, the ice all a sudden cracked. As a result, I fell into the water. My friends dragged me up. I am still very appreciative of my friends to this day. It was a horrible

Everything is absolutely freeAs a result of human nature, a moral and ethical instincts can only be individual rather than an absolute definition.Is a natural law ethics is about human relationships (especiallymarriage to focus on) the laws of

Short track speed skating adopts elimination system. Thecompetitions involve: the preliminaries, quarter-finals (或者 heats), semifinal and final. 4 to 8 skatersstart a race behind the starting line at the same time, their position aredetermined by a

Slowly slowly my darling,亲爱的,慢慢来Any mistake can be fixed,所有的错误皆可纠正Except for doubt, which creates enmity.唯一无法纠正的是招致敌对的猜疑Forget about anyone who could be equal to you,请忘记可与你匹敌的人For i can't

The best feeling is about to look at you which the most beautiful apperance rooted in my mind!

Quanzhou City which is a very beautiful coastal port city in the Southeast of Fujian Province. The weather here is very comfortable for living, the temperature is nearly between 19.5°C to 21°C. It has very long and famous history. It was known as the

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