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Abstract: professional thought is a kind of moral concept people, is a kind of belief, feelings to behavior from the stable quality of integrated psychological. Professional thought problem relates directly to college students and college students' steady

中文:With the rapid development of network technology, J2EE technology has been widely used, the adaptation of the network development demand, can be very good to help enterprises to establish rapid website. Based on the current popular

At present, the domestic very many enterprises all use the introduction overseas advanced management technology in the management, but is defeated the case common occurrence, one of its basic reasons lies in actually when China introduces

Critical path problem, which is a classic problem in Graph theory, can be defined as presenting the shortest routes among several possible road networks of two cities. The shortest routes not only indicates the shortest in terms of geographcal

Due to the theories of processing digital images are becoming more mature and complete, today's automatic focus has gradually transformed from optical focus to different stages of digital focus. This essay suggests after putting numerous

Internal control is one of the most important part of management system for modern cooperation. It needs to be built systematicly and comprehensively to make sure the steady and permanent operation of the cooperation.Under the current market-

The broadband small signal amplification circuit as the research background, so the design of high gain, low noise, high stability and other performance of broadband small signal amplification circuit as the basic starting point. Based on in-depth

"Online clothes retailing system" revolutionized the trandional retailing appraoches. Its combination of the store and the internet is a typical application of the shopping websites. "Online clothes retailling system" actually is a Web app that runs

With the development of database technology, the applications of DBMS has started spreading to all fields , especially to banking, shopping and entertainment. The supermarkets and hotels,without exception, has begined their digitized process

Five north of ganoderma of biological characteristics of researchAbstract: based on the different test plan: carbon source test, nitrogen source test, illumination test, pH test, C/N test, growth factor experiment, orthogonal experiment and humidity was

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