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求英文歌名,歌词里有With my hAnDs up you got mE...

求英文歌名,歌词里有With my hands up you got me nowtill the word ends---布兰妮 哦,对 应该是tik tok,抱歉,差点误导了你,因为刚刚在听布兰妮的歌,就搞混了。

求首英文歌名。With my hands up You got me now You got that sound Yeah, you got me You build me up You break me down My heart,

求三首英文歌歌词YOU LIERIHANNAEminem合唱 Just gonna stand there and watch me burn打算站看着我五内焚But that’s alright because I like the

求英文歌及歌词(中英歌词都要) 越多越好,满意加分lemon tree的中文对照歌词 I'm sitting here in a boring room.我坐在这一间空屋子里 it's just another rainy sunday afternoon。这

求英文歌哈哈,又被我找到这样的问题了,绝对是:由Sarah Connor写给他前夫的Just one last dance。《Just one last dance》下载地址:http

求一首英文歌,歌词如下是瑞典的Eskobar 的Whatever This Town 下载地址网上很难找 你可以看看emule能下载到不能

请问这首英文歌叫什么名字my life (我的生活孤孤单单)I am lonely lonely lonely (我很孤单)God help me help me to survive!(神啊!帮助我生存

找一首英文歌歌词曲名:I swear 歌手:林忆莲 I swear I swear by the moon and the stars in the sky And I swear like the shadow that'

求首英文歌歌名Turns out you shot me up for fun Thought you got away with murder Left me at a loss for the words Just wait until

有一首英文歌You know that I\'ll be there for you in the end 最后我一定会为你付出 只有一句歌词,很难找啊,旋律什么的我也不知道。 | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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