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意思是:e799bee5baa6e79fa5e98193e4b893e5b19e31333264633461India sunflower garden "no more because of the wind, but LiuXu pigment pour" sunflower -- yearning dispute the flower of light, which brings good hope, sunflower beauty

The European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) can provide the wave energy,Sea trial and test services by tidal energy. The European commission,Britain and Scotland government to vigorously develop renewable energypolicyPolicy guidance,

Hearing from you, I said to my parents that you and your family all wanted me to pay a visit to Australia. I negotiated with my parents and decided that I would go to Australia to know about the life there just following your parents opinion. After all, we

In this paper, from the eighteen session of the Third Plenary Session of the promulgation of the "CPC Central Committee on the comprehensive reform of certain major issue decision" proposed the collective constructive land market can flow in a

The annual meeting of the opportunities and challenges, China's ocean energy development "as the theme, divided into energy policy and planning for the ocean, ocean energy technology research, application and demonstration of ocean energy

Paper-cutis a form offolk art,has a long history,unique style,itabsorbed thecharacteristics of originalart and otherfolk art,paper-cuthas thedevelopment potentialis very strong,between animationandarthave many similarities,and canabsorbnutrients

Just read the book from the library management, consumption of somespirit, feeling a little hungry, had drunk too so fast in the book the sea of time, it is also not aware of. Feel the day is almost over, very substantialalso very reluctant, must use the

It is time to go home, the last bus this time may have missed the bus and subway, may be hard towait for a taxi, but I'm patient calm slowly, slowly, regardless of the surrounding scenery, I feel like this: soft sunset shines on the face, warm and not

Or let me start from the train! About when I was four more time, I traveled by train. Then take my war-carriages, is my uncle, call ZhangQuanBin. I remember that time I look pretty funny, wearing a blue cloth GuaEr, little big KanJian son, wore a small

In the current decade, marked by the increasing demand for energy, and sky-rocketing oil prices. The ship-building industry has become poised at energy conservation and

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