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why u so beautiful even though u have such a face width

large是形容一个范围的,脸的面积还没有大到要用large来形容埃用big就可以了 ============ 楼主是想表达什么意思呢?如果单纯的形容这个人脸的大小的话,用how big your face is! 如果是想说这个人不知廉耻的话,就用how conscienceless you are!

Your face is so soft

翻译为: 为什么你的脸那么大? Why is your face so big?

Your face是你的脸,you face是你面临的。

礼貌一点不应该说人家的外表,非要表达时,说How bright on your wide face.

您好,翻译结果:Your face is not enough to always see

把我看不见你的脸,我在孤单中思念翻译成英文I can't see your face, I miss it alone见下图百度翻译

your face

I long to see your face I can't bear not to see your face I am dying to see your face If only I get to see your face I pine for a look at you Pining to see your face 任选一个。

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