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why u so beautiful even though u have such a face width

China has a long

Your face是你的脸,you face是你面临的。

Your face is so clean you

把我看不见你的脸,我在孤单中思念翻译成英文I can't see your face, I miss it alone见下图百度翻译

翻译是: I will remember your face firmly, and I will value our miss for each other. 句子解释: remember 英[rɪˈmembə(r)] 美[rɪˈmɛmbɚ] vt. 记得; 牢记; vt. 记着; 纪念; 回想起; 送钱[礼物]给…; [例...

please wash your face

your face is dirty

Get that look off your face because your face isn't a palette.

Your face outsizes your ass.

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