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如果有的话 英语

可以用if you have 或者 if there is/are. eg give me some books if you have. take some books from his house if there are.

If there is no if, 是一句歌词 如果没有如果,如果没有结果,你会不会再爱我?还有什么没说?还有什么没做? If there is no if, If without ends in belief, Still love me all your life? What else no say you leave? Or else no do you live?

给你个规律 记住就好

来源于拉丁语 exempli gratia 缩写为e.g.

Aisin Gioro

伤 injury;wound;hurt;be distressed;get sick of sth.;be harmful to更多释义>> [网络短语] 伤 Kids;Hurt;injury 产伤 birth injury;birth trauma;Birth injuries 淤伤 bruise;bruising

李荣浩《小芳》英文版的 "Li Ronghao" has no version of the English Xiaofang


It is the year 2012. In the ruins of New York city. Robert Neville who is a military scientist who is the lone survivor of a biochemical disease which was supposed to cure cancer 3 years previous. With only blood thirsty zombie...

那要看前后语句。比如说, 我不喜欢这个,我想要好一点的衣服。 これが嫌い、ちょっと良い服が欲しい。 这里的良い(よい)就是好的意思 还有比如说 可以了吗?好了吗? いいですか? 这里的いい也是好的意思

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