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如果有的话 英语

If (it is) possible 例句: 如果有可能的话,我想做个飞行员。 I want to be a pilot【 if possible】。 如果有可能的话,我就会过来帮你学习英语。 【If (it is) possible】, I will come to help you with your English. 希望能帮到你

对不起如果我说的话有什么冒犯的 英文翻译为: I'm sorry if I said something offensive

你好! 如果你有时间的话 If you have the time

如果有必要的话 If necessary 双语例句 1 如果有必要的话,我可以加班。 I can work overtime if it's necessary. 2 如果有必要的话,我会给你发个传真。 I'll send you a fax if necessary.

如果你有空的话,我们约定在下个星期二去见你。 If you have time, let's meet on Tuesday next week. We made arrangements to see you next Tuesday if you are free.

亲,你的这句话用英文翻译为一一Miss if there is sound, I am afraid you already deafen the ear with its roar!希望能帮你!

If possible,I hope I can receive the letter which have the language and content of your country very much.

看of的从属关系,要遵守就近原则 例句:The first word of the first paragraph of the first page of the lyrics of the song of the famous band of U2 理解时,可以从最后往前推: 1)famous band of U2: U2这个有名的乐队 2)song of the f...

你好! 如果道歉有用的话 If the apology is useful

If the price for this time is reasonable, I think we will have more cooperation opportunities in the future.

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