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上个周末做了什么的英语对话,120词左右a happy weekend last week.on saturday morning,i watched tv and helped my mother wash the afternoon,i cleaned

你上周做啦什么的英语对话 八分钟以上的怎么写?liming:what were you doing on last weekend?Alice:I went to the park for a panic.liking:what great Alice:and you?limin

一段英语对话,用过去式写,【你上个周末个了什么?】一A:Where did you go last weekend?上周末你去哪儿了?B:I went to the countryside.我去

你上个周末干了什么事?英语对话写6句话.一问一答式,要符 you go last weekend?上周末你去哪儿了?b:i went to the countryside.我去了乡下 a:what did you do?你做了什么?b:i we

英语对话关于你上周末干什么了回答:What do last weekend?

关于上周做了什么的英语对话last week.过儿:How was the movie?姑姑:It was exciting, it was an action movie and I just like it so much

对话,告诉你的朋友你上周六都做什么了?如果是书信上面告诉朋友的话就要用tell you sth.比如:I did my homework last Saturday我在上周六做作业。

三个人的英语口语对话关于上周末干了什么My last weekend was really cool. I got up early on Saturday because my parents and I decided to go to the park. We

你上个周末干了什么事?英语对话写6句话.一问一答式,要你上个周末干了什么事?英语对话写6句话.一问一答式,要符合6年级基础。 扫码下载作业帮拍照答疑一拍即得 答案解析 查看更多优质解析 举报

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