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NoWayBack~OutofMyWay~ 歌词,附中文翻译 HowcanIbreakthefall 我该如何阻止自己堕落 HowcanIfindmywayback 我该如何找到回去的路 TowhoIwasbeforethisshadowfell 在被这个幻影击倒之前 Icannotbreakthefall 我无法阻止自己堕落 Icannotfindmywa...

No Way Back ~Out of My Way~ 歌词,附中文翻译 How can I break the fall 我该如何阻止自己堕落 How can I find my way back 我该如何找到回去的路 To who I was before this shadow fell 在被这个幻影击倒之前 I cannot break the fall 我无法...

No Way Back 8mm Songs To Love and Die By No way Back 8mm I'm stuck I'm out of luck And trying to talk my way out of this Even fog lifts, but not this No not this There's no way you're coming back There's no way you're coming ba... 谁唱的不知道

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