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谁知道席慕蓉 暮色 的英文版啊?或是帮忙翻译一下...


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不是英文来的.... 但看来大概意思就是... 1. 薰衣草香味的 淋浴用的 4. 身体磨砂

左上角 四个单词 依次是 定时器, 预热, 揉 捏 , 标准 右上角 喷射, 烘焙,保温, 结束 中间部分, 轻度, 中度, 深度, 快速 1 标准 2 白色 3 粗面粉;全麦面包 4 奶油糕点,奶油蛋卷 5 快速 6 无面筋蛋白;不含面筋;无谷类 7 面团 8 面条...

河北省 秦皇岛市 海港区 河北大街438号燕山大学文法学院726信箱 P.O Box 726, School of Literature & Law, Yanshan University, No.438, Hebei Avenue, Haigang District, Qinhuangdao City, Hebei Province, China

Dell is the world's fastest-growing asset Jushang how he Fada Cai's «Let me Congtoushuiqi. Dell on the secondary story That is more than 10 years ago, Dell was still a poor student, he also used the same as the general se...

When facing the ultimate questions of this chaotic world, we need Chinese readers to contribute their wisdom. 当面对这个混乱世界的终极问题时,我们需要中国读者贡献他们的智慧。

新兴产业示范区Emerging industries demonstration zone

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