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he is forty years old

She must have a 40-year-old

He is about forty years old. He is between 20 and 30 years old.

您好,领学网为您解答:他四十岁 He is forty.例句:他四十岁,乡村牧师的儿子,唐波夫省人.He is forty, the son of a country priest, and he comes from Tambor province.望采纳!

翻译如下:四十岁Forty years old或者直接Forty 例句:他至多不过四十岁.He's forty at most.



forty-year-old 四十岁的.形容词

Mr ____ is my English teacher.His name is ____.He lives in ______.He teaches us lots of knowledge.He is very carefully to teach us.And he often takes us "Just for fun".Our English class is very interesting because our English teacher is very

四十的英文是forty.词汇分析 音标:英 ['ft] 美 ['frti] 释义:n. 四十 adj. 四十的;四十个的 短语 Lesson Forty 第四十课 forty five 四十五 ; 四十五年 ; 百分之四十五 ; 第五 Eight forty 八点四十分 ; 八点四十 Twelve forty 十二点四十分 ;

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