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她的闹钟在我的桌子上面 Her alarm clock is on my desk. 她的闹钟在我的桌子上面 Her alarm clock is on my desk.

一个小闹钟在桌子上 A small alarm clock is on the table 重点词汇 闹钟alarm clock 桌子table; desk

My alarm clock is on the desk. 祝您学习进步,更上一层楼!!!(⊙o⊙)

答:  My mother gives me a clock. The clock is very nice. It is yellow. I like it very much.   I put the clock beside my bed. Every day I can see it. It always clicks and clicks. It works very hard. It doesn'...

翻译如下 在我的房间里有一个闹钟和一张桌子 There is an alarm clock and a table in my room. 重点词汇 房间room; chamber; house of office; apartment 闹钟alarm clock 桌子table; desk

alarm clock.呵呵,为何别人不一样,再告诉你一个吧,闹钟响了,可以说the alarm clock goes off

当我的闹钟响的时候,我正在睡觉 When my alarm clock rang, I was sleeping.

the clock is on the chair


Where is the clock? It's on the bookcase.

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