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go out sightseeing出去观光 have a trip outside 出去旅游

This summerholiday I went to Jinanwith my parents.We went to see the Baotu Spring as soon as we got there because there were so many beautiful sceneries that made us enjoyable.

1.I want to travel to relax the mood. I'm recently too tired and weary. 2. Where will you go if you are going on a trip? 3.Where do you want to travel the best ? 4.I want to travel to France. I want to take a trip to the seasid...

Spring Festival holiday will travel

We also went out to travel. 【精】【锐】

如果是自己外出旅游,有事情拨打电话可以用英语说 I'm on vacation, call me if it is emergency. 望采纳。

Traveling advantage is to increase our knowledge, broaden our horizons. Defect is cost a lot, journey not convenient


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