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Fitted vacuum packaging 真空贴体包装Suction foam 吸泡Blister Packaging泡罩包装开模(不知道)Mold Fees 模具费Scars 烙印Heat shrink 热收缩Heat shrinkage film 热缩膜

我很辛苦才帮你翻译好哦: 1.潜在的客户 potential customer 2.粗鲁搬运 rude transporting 3.经营范围 scope of business 4.中性包装 customary packing 5.样品本 sample/ sample catalogue 6.分批装运 partial shipment 7.资信征询银行 credit

1.潜在的客户potential customer2.粗鲁搬运ro埂纲忌蕺涣告惟梗隶ugh handing 3.经营范围scope of business4.中性包装neutral packing5.样品本sample 6.分批装运partial shipment7.资信征询银行dont know8.运输标志shipping mark9.定金 earnest

您好, 付款方式是:20%的定金, 80%余额见提单付清 COA意思是Certificate of analysis质检单, 一般化工和医药的需要这个

疯马皮 CRAZY HORSE leather摔纹皮 milled leather 磨砂皮Nubuck leather 大底的生胶底plantation crepe of outsole

三楼正解: Standard Local Origin Charges Subject to 12% vat Arrastre/Wharfage LCL Surcharges Processing of ED Docs Fee 原产地标准费用12%的增值税 港口码头费用 拼箱附加费用 电子口岸操作 文件费 至于VCRC/DEA Processing ,我

70%的Schur wolle 莱恩维耶热 处理羊毛 20%的聚酰胺 尼龙 10%kaschmir cachemire 开司米 富特/ doubluer linging:100%涤纶 poliestere ASCO会议形式 左联 发挥骆驼美联帕卡 富特

CIF 成本、保险费加运费 (……指定目的港) “成本、保险费加运费”是指在装运港当货物越过船舷时卖方即完成交货. EXW 工厂交货 (……指定地点) “工厂交货(……指定地点)”是指当卖方在其所在地或其他指定的地点(如工场、工

将中文译成英语1. Between our long-standing trade relations, especially for this offer. 2. Factory received too many orders, we can only promise shipment in March. 3. We agree that conversion to the letter of credit at sight payment. 4. You have to do

To welcome foreign orders, Chang Jia block to exports, welcomed foreign investors to provide their own model, its own brand, pictures available to Pai Zhaopian or phone orders, the file is the latest example of the supply of materials and the latest customer choice.

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