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是不是前段时间billborad上的coco,一个黑人唱的,你说的这句应该是 I'm in love with the coco, I got it for the low low. 歌手 O.Y. Genasis.

Colbie Caillat 的 try

Joanna Pacitti - Allexinno Ft. Starchild不知道是不是这首??

We are the warriors that built this town

是不是I WONDER HOW I WONDER WHY?是西域男孩的 my love

有一首歌有一句歌词是you always stand by my side 女生,安静,慢歌,英文 歌名是A little love 就是和你说的歌词有那么点点不一样

歌曲名字A Sunny Day,由Audiojungle的两位Yuar和Soundroll制作。 歌词: Hand in hand On the warm sand We are walking Barefoot and free In your eyes I see blue skies Reflection And everything is blue and blurry Kissed by sun Loved ...

love to be loved by you I can’t believe I’m standing here Been waiting for so many years and Today I found the Queen to reign my heart You changed my live so patiently ?And turned it into something good and real I feel just lik...

Lucky Twice Me And You。 下面是歌词及对照翻译,一定要采纳啊 You’ve been all around the world then search for life 你在世界的每一个角落探寻着人生 and have been lying on the bad time flow to mine 在一个不当的时间随着时间的流逝来...

wonder 英[ˈwʌndə(r)] 美[ˈwʌndɚ] adj. 奇妙的; 钦佩的; 远超过预期的; n. 奇迹; 惊奇; 奇观; 奇人; vt. 惊奇; 对…感到好奇; 感到诧异; 想弄明白; [例句]I wondered what that noise was 我纳闷儿那是什么声音。 ...

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