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I like listening English music, sometimes I listen or watch English programs on radio or TV.But these ways are not enough.So I do as he asks. For example :do one reading a day, try my best to memorise ten new words every day ,learn two or three

My English teather is Mr Xu, his English name is Martin. His English is very good. And he always wears a pair of glasses. He likes wearing blue trousers. My teacher is handsome. He often plays with us after class. He often reads books and English.

My English teacherMr.濮 is our English teacher.He is 30 years old .He looks very 他喜欢打篮球.他是不仅我的老师,而且我的最好的朋友.他是严格的要求在我的英语上.他

1. I began to like English when I entered the senior high school. I owe it to my English teacher who has stimulated my great interest in learning English and then influenced my future, and whose name is ZhangYan shu --- a name I will keep in my mind

Love you, my teacher. You like a match, lit the light, at the expense of their own; you like a pencil, access to knowledge, worn on their own; you like Sassafras, get rid of the error, the oneself. Would you like a trainer, let me like you second soar to

I have lots of teachers, but Mr Wang is my favourite teacher. He has been teaching English for more than ten years since he came to our school. He is tall and thin. He is kind, warm-hearted and he is an excellent teahcer. When I began to learn

My favorite teacher is the English teacher of our class, Ms Lee. She is a young lady and she is always very kind to us. And she has her own unusual teaching methods. Ms Lee can let all of her students study English with pleasure and we all like her

My Favourite Teacher Hello,my name is Jie. I have many good teachers, but my favourite teacher is Miss Li. She is a very good teacher.She is very young, but her English is very good. She teaches us English every day. Her class has so much fun.She

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