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i do well in math,but she is better at math than me.

I am better than him on math, but he is better than me in English

he math,chinese and english very good.

I can do better in English than Maths.

I am not as good as him in Maths,but my English is much better than him有不会的可以再问我

他的数学不是很好:his math is not so well. he is not good at math he is bad/poor in math你能帮助他: you can help him你能帮助他吗?: can you help him(with his math)? can u do him a favour?----句子中的can都可以换成could,是一样的意思,could会显得更有礼貌,更委婉点还有什么问题么?

maths i am learning maths everyday. i am funning in the maths. i like use more hours in maths exam find sense and emotion. i mean learn is hard and do examine is mad to every body but also need pass it if who learn science.

你好!:如果他按照我说的去做,他的数学将比以前更好if he do as I say, his math is better than before


Other subjects are good, but the math is not good

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