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I was very busy last weekend,on saturday morning ,I visted my grandparents and helped them clean the room,in the afternoon,I went to the bookstore to buy some books;on sunday,I washed many clothes in the morning,and watched TV in the

My weekend Hello,everyone! I am so glad I can introduce what I did last weekend. On Saturday morning, I did my homework. In the afternoon, I played computer games. In the evening, I watched TV with my family. How about Sunday? Well, on

a happy weekendi have planned a happy weekend.saturday morning, i must go to see me the afternoon, i must go to the shopping center to go shopping.evening, i planned makes the homework.sunday in the morning, i watch the television,

My weekend is very busy and boring. On saturday, I have to go to study piano in the morning and practise in the afternoon. I can only watch TV for half an hour in the evening. On Sunday, I have to do my homework. I want to have more free time for myself and do something I like.

My Weekend I think everyone likes weekend. Because it's time for relax and fun.Now I want to talk about my weekend.I often spend Saturday for fun. Such as playing basketball with my friends, watching movies and TV shows, having a trip with

My weekend is boring. I have nothing to do. I hope to go out and play with friend but none of them have time to play with me. My parents are not at home. So I read a lot comic books. However, I forget to return those books to the bookshelf. Then mum

This week,my family are go to the park on saturday. Afternoon we catch the flim.On sunday ,这个周末,我们一家在星期六去了公园. 中午我们看了电影. 在星期天, we are go to the countryside in the farm. We pick apples, pick oranges,and go rowing .I 我们去了乡下的农场. 我们摘了苹果,橘子,然后又去划船.had a goodtime for weekend .I was very happy. And you?这个周末我度过了一个好时光.我非常高兴.你呢?

we had a good time well, national day was coming. i went to xiamen with my family and we went there by plane. after we got there, we went to gu lang yu and jin bang park. and we took many pictures, ate much delicious food, went shopping and

i have many hobbies. so weekend is the best time to do my favorite activity. my favorite weekend activity is playing basketball. i usually play basketball on weekend. as far as i am concerned,playing basketball not only do well in my physical condition

我的周末 My Weekend My Weekend Last saturday, I was very happy. On saturday, I got up at seven o'clock. After breakfast, I did my homwwork, It was a little difficult. Then I played computer games,It was very interesting, so I liked they very much.In

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