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would you like to have dinner with me?至于吃饭的时候,肯定是要聊天的嘛~~~~~就不用在邀请的时候专门说出来了.如果是为了转述自己和别人吃饭聊天了可以这样说we had dinner and talked about xxxxx

I have meals with my parents

A: can I help you?B: oh! Thank you, is there any noodles?A: Here we have beef and tomato noodles, mutton and cabbage noodles, tomato and egg noodles..B: oh! So much? I like beef and tomato noodles.A: what size do you want?B: I want a bowl of beef and tomato noodles.

I seldom chat with my parents.I occassionally chat with my parents.

k to me, and when I told him right out how I felt about my niece going with him, he said he didn't blame me; that he wouldn't let such a rasca

我和父母一起吃饭看电视My parents and I have meals and watch TV together

你好!和家人一起吃饭eat with your family

我将要和我的父母出去吃饭 I'm going out to dinner with my parents.我将要和我的父母出去吃饭 I'm going out to dinner with my parents.

你好.我和家人一起吃晚饭 翻译成英语是:I have dinner with my family.希望帮到你,满意请采纳.

I'm going to chat with my parents.

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