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你好! 我很喜欢你的直播,加油 I love your live, come on

You are always a good girl and we all like you ver

I very much like the T-shirt (that ) you have sen

I like you very much 很高兴为您解答,祝你学习进步!【语数英科】团队为

I liked you very much when I first met you. 学习

英译文如下: I really like you, faster than a year.

我非常不喜欢你: I don't like you definitely 我不是很喜欢你:

Do you know?Actually I really like you very much,b

I like your Cosplay very much. Many of my Chinese

我喜欢你,但只能默默的喜欢你 I like you, but only silently like

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