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我会继续追逐我的梦想, 怎样翻译成英文 标准点 我...

Chase your dreams!

We are chasing their dreams, and struggling for them, but in the process, a lot of people have lost self, become another person, even to the last only to find himself far from the most true to yourself is more and more, this is...

sb realize sth。主语是人时才可以用realize. 实现的意思,所以就是“某人实现某事”的表达啦。 I believe i will realize my dream someday.

I hope I can make this dream of mine come true and I will give my all to make it come true.

I believe that as long as I work hard, my dream will come true. 这句才正确.

My dream is to be a teacher inthefuture.Because a teacher is said to be the engin of the soul. It is glorious to be a teacher.Atthe same time,I can recieve the respect from the students.我的梦想是将来当一名老师。因为老师是灵魂...

My dream is to be a kindergarten teacher。

i will keep going.

” I believe that success is to have a dream and achieve it through one's own effort." 这句话才是英语语言逻辑。 【公益慈善翻译团】真诚为你解答!

When I was 4 or 5 years old , I had a dream... In my childhood, I once had a dream... When I was a little boy/girl, I had a dream...

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