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我会继续追逐我的梦想, 怎样翻译成英文 标准点 我...

我给你想了一个合适做网名的说法,自我感觉不错,你觉得呢: All-time Dream-pursuer

该句翻译成英文是: Walking on the Mars is my dream. 或者:To walk on the Mars is my dream. 或者:It's my dream to walk on the Mars. 或者:It's my dream walking on the Mars. 句子解释: 1)从句意可知,“在火星上行走”是句子主语。 ...

楼主其实是想说:为了我的梦想,我要努力,我要奋斗。是不? 想象电影里主角的坚定语气,说出来便是: I'll try my best and I’ll just fight, for my dream!

Stick to your dreams!stick to是对...坚持,坚信,口语化的词。

This has been my dream for a long time.

My music dream trip with my guitar start

We are all in the pursuit of their own dreams, and to strive for, but in the process, a lot of people have lost self, even become another person, only to find out in the end is far from the most authentic self and their own, th...

Sainty sainty fight together, fight together, blue blue my dream, my faith.

Nothing gonna be the obstacle of my dream chasing.

Yes,this is my dream, it is also your dream. Let's struggle for our dream. 是的。这是我的梦想,这也是你们的梦想,那就为了我们的梦想去奋斗吧!

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