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我可以这样理解吗 英语怎么说

Could I make out in this way? or: Can I understand in this way? or: Can I comprehend the meaning in this way.十分准确的回答得根据上下文情景。

Can I interpret it this way?

Am I right? 1、例句: (1)You had him on satellite surveillance, am I right? 你们正在对他进行监控我说的对 吗 ? (2)You are not English. You are American. Is that right? 你不是英国人, 你是美国人, (我说的)对 吗? 2、Am i right...

为您解答 没这个区别啊,一个是现在时,一个是过去式而已啊,得有具体句子

1.Am I making sense? Do you see what I mean? 2. Does that make sense? Can you catch my idea? 3. Do I express clearly? Do you understand what I'm saying? 4. Feel free to interrupt if you understand noting. 5. Feel free to interr...

It's that I want to know/learn...

太史公曰:知死必勇,非死者难也,处死者难。方蔺相如引璧睨柱,及叱秦王左右,势不过诛,然士或怯懦而不敢发。相如一奋其气,威信敌国,退而让颇,名重泰山,其处智勇,可谓兼之矣! 太史公说:知道将死而不害怕,必定是很有勇气;死并非难事,而怎...

肯定形式的意义是It works very well for very long 它的作用会很长久。 否定之后则意义相反了。

We should look at it this way. / We should understand this sentence this way. / We'd better understand it as such that it is not one ( a single ) sentence but two seperate ones.

Why does everyone together with you can take with you, I can't understand so casually, don't you

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