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we should eat less and exercise more.我们应该少吃多运动.

We should do more sport

我们应该多做运动来保持健康.英文:We should take more exercise to keep fit.或者:We should do more exercise to stay healthy.做运动 英文:take exercises

We must do much sports everyday.

It's best for us to exercise as much as we can everyday.We should exercise as much as possible everyday.We should have as much daily exercise as possible.

I exercise every day.exercise在句中的用法1、用作名词 (n.) Exercise is good for your heart and lungs.对您的心脏和肺,运动也是有益的.2、用作及物动词 (vt.) You should learn how to exercise self-control.你要学会运用自制力.3、用作

我认为你应该多做运动I think you should do more exercise.

英文 We do more exercise 我们的多做运动

你应该多做运动,而不是经常熬夜 you should do more exercise, but not often stay up late

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