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我们有质优价廉的运动包用英语怎么说wE hAvE grEAt...

we have great bags cheap_sp0rts_ 您好,答题不易 如有帮助请采纳,谢谢

选 : b. at a good price ( 以便宜价钱买 ) We have great clothes at a good price. 我们有很棒的衣服价格便宜。

Today is Sunday.It is raining.I have to stay at home with my family.Look!My mother is cooking.My father is talking to my grandfather about the newspapers.My sister is doing her homework.I am with my brother.We are playing comep...

Gods determine what you're going to be.——Julius Erving 人生的奋斗目标决定你将成为怎样的人。——欧文 Will, work and wait are the pyramidal cornerstones for success.——Louis Pasteur 意志、工作和等待是成功的金字塔的基石。——法国化学家...

1 that或whom (定语从句引导词) 2 Although (虽然) 3 a (have a great time 做...很开心) 4 in (用英语) 5 the (整个晚上,这里特指当天晚上用定冠词) 6 有错字 7 but(但是) 8 有错字

选B.great=good idea、好极了,棒极了

“大量”短语 a great deal可单独使用,也可以用在形容词或副词的比较级前,表示“大量;许多”;而a great deal of只能用在不可数名词前,表示“大量的”。如: We learned a great deal from them. 我们从他们那里学到很多东西。 He ran a great dea...

We can't (walk) all of the Great Wall. 答案:walk 译文:我们不可能走完长城。 解析:can是情态动词,后面用动词原形。

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