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我平常喜欢听音乐 比较爱吃 偶尔在家做东西给父母吃英语翻译

我平常喜欢听音乐,比较爱吃,偶尔在家做东西给父母吃I usually like to listen to music, more love to eat, and occasionally at home to do something for their parents to eat


i feel like listening to music

I love listening to musicI like listening to musicI enjoy listening to musicI prefer listening to musicI am fond of listening to musicI am interested in listening to music

My parents share a similar eating habit. Both of the seems to have the same "daily menu". They will have bread and butter as breakfast, and a cup of hot beverage. My father enjoys having tea while my mother enjoys having coffee. Sometimes they

Enjoy eating and sleeping usually.Often like eating and sleeping.

"我平时喜欢听英文歌""I usually like listening to English songs""我平时喜欢听英文歌""I usually like listening to English songs"

MyFamily Ilovemyfamily,becauseIhaveahappyfamily.MyfatherisanEnglishteacher.HisnameisJacky.Heisthirty-eight.Helikesplayingbasketball.What'smymotherjop?Issheateacher?Yes,you'reright!Mymotherisverykindandnice,sheisthirty-seven.

He is always listening to music when he is alone at home.

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