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我平常喜欢听音乐 比较爱吃 偶尔在家做东西给父母吃英语翻译

我平常喜欢听音乐,比较爱吃,偶尔在家做东西给父母吃 I usually like to liste

ge chi ge de bu jiu hao le, huo zhe ting ni fu mu

I often help my mum with housework at home. I oft

首先swear me 不可以,因为swear 通常用在发誓 i swear 再者我觉

My parents are not at home / in ,so we can eat ou

I get up early today.My parents are out,so I make

Both of my parents love me. 或; Parents both love

because he can eat snacks on sofa without obeying

Once it was my birthday, but my parents didn't

He enjoys travelling . He went to Beijing with his

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