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答案;I do my homework after dinner或者[supper] every day.注意;此题dinner或者supper都可以的,都是晚饭的意思 解析;因为是每天所以要用一般现在时态.欢迎追问,在线为你解答 【帮到你望及时采纳,你的采纳将是我们团队的动力所在】

I usually do homework after dinner

我经常晚饭后写作业,晚上我从不外出I often do homework after supper, I never go out at night

晚饭之后他开始写作业He begins do his homework after supper. 他决定专攻英语 He decides to sepcilize in English

答案:got to/gets to.此处的to是介词,后面需要接名词或者动名词.如:Quickly, you will get to the school in time.快点,你就能及时赶到学校类似的用法还有 used to do 过去常常做某事 be used to doing 习惯于 做谋事所以这句话也可以使用另外的一个结构:He is used to doing the homework after supper他习惯于晚饭后做作业.

After dinner,I started/began doing my homework.Some of it were difficult while some were simple,and I could finish it in 2 hours.

He often dose his homework after dinner因为是第三人称,所以动词变单三do one's homework 是做某人的家庭作业

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答案:I did my homework after dinner and I didn't go to bed until 9 p.m.欢迎追问,在线为你解答你的采纳将是我们团队的动力所在】

After supper I went to do my homework and finished it at around ten o'clock.希望能帮到你 | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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