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我相信在您的帮助下我的英语水平一定可以提升很多 这句话用英语怎么说

With your help, i believe that my English will be improved a lot.或 With your help, i have faith that my English will be much better.或 I believe my English will be much better because of/with your help.

我可以逐渐提高我的英文水平.可翻译为: I can improve my English little by little.相关表达: little by little,渐渐地.

我相信你可以帮助我提高英语水平I believe that you can help me improve my English.

我相信我们一定是最强的,这句话用英语怎么翻译 We believe ourselves to be the strongest .We believe that we are the most powerful.We believe that we are the most qualified.We believe ourselve to be the best / No.1.We believe that we are second to none.

my English improved a lot

They are my English teacher, I believe in their help, my English will be improved a lot 请给好评谢谢

So that can improve their ability of listening. I believe I can be a good teacher.

Dear English teacher, in your help, my English improved a lot. All this is your credit. I will result in the increase of white. Believe me

我相信你 英文是 i trust you .亲,如果觉得对你有帮助,请点击好评哦~~谢谢啦!

我相信你一定能行 I believe that you can do it.

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