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我真的累了 用英语怎么说

"I feel really tired, very tired very tired." This sentence 1,“我真的很爱你。”这句话用英语怎么说? 答:"I really love you." This sentence

回答和翻译如下 : I am really getting tired . I don't want to talk anything . 我真的累了 , 不想说了 。

If I won't love you any longer someday,that's because I'm tired

she hui tai hei an le,wo zhen de huo lei le.你是想用来发心情装逼还是跟朋友聊天装逼呢?小心装逼不成反被@。

Don't want to love again, I'm really tired 不想再爱了,我真的累了

If one day I give up, please don't blame me, it means I really tired 这个其实自己可以去百度找英语翻译来翻译中文的

I'm so tired, I want to leave this city, dream too good , the reality is too cruel , I really tired.

我好累,真的好累,我还能坚持下去吗? I am very tired and exhausted now, could I keep going on ?

or of an angle so small that it cannot be bisected?

I just want to be quiet alone without saying anything.I am really tired.

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