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Hilton Hotel located in the city center, shinjuku, Tokyo, this is the commercial, shopping and entertainment center. Hilton Hotel is a luxurious five-star hotel in Tokyo. The international hotel provides 815 rooms. Rooms or sui...

it is my honor to stand here ,i will introduce myself first ,my name is zhangjie ,my hometown is shanghai jingshan .my major is computer,i like hotel industy very much .especally the five star hotel .i hope you can give me a ch...

入住希尔顿酒店 Hilton Hotel stay 入住希尔顿酒店 Hilton Hotel stay


我们住在位于亚龙湾的希尔顿酒店 We live in Hilton Hotel, Yalong Bay. 我们住在位于亚龙湾的希尔顿酒店 We live in Hilton Hotel, Yalong Bay.

没有什么区别吧?我还知道Zhengzhou Hilton hotel,都差不多的。公司或酒店的名字放在地区名字的前后都差不多。

他每次去伦敦,都是住在希尔顿宾馆。 Each time he goes to London, he would stay at the Hilton Hotel.


Hilton Hotel Haikou 海口希尔顿大酒店

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