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i love to travel the world. through all my travels i have seen many grand sights and sounds, and every one of them was unforgettable. however, of all the places i've seen, the city of hong kong left the deepest impression in my mind. it was an wonderful

我对大学的第一印象(my first impression in college) on the very first day in college, i was surprised to find the campus was so large. believe it or not, i even lost my way to the dormitory when i returned from the dining first, i had difficulty

Beijing" means "Northern Capital", in line with the common East Asian tradition whereby capital cities are explicitly named as such. Other cities that are similarly named include Nanjing, China, meaning "southern capital"; Tokyo, Japan, and

开头写你有过一次去北京的旅行.Last week,I went to Beijing for my holiday.然后写对北京的印象.另起一段写你在北京干了什么.然后又一段结束全文,写自己在北京有一个很好的时光.I like Beijing very much.I have a good time in Beijing.

Last week,I visited Shanghai with my parents.We went to a lot of places of interest in Shanghai.For example,we went to the Bund and the Oriental Pearl TV Tower.There were lots of people in Shanghai,but I think the Bund was very beautiful.The

beijing's historic sites about 20, beihai park, the summer palace, the courtyard, the china millennium, the temple of heaven park and other attractions. 1 beihai park: beihai park beauty attracts tourists, beihai park include many buildings. 2 the

Everyone has his or her experience that is unforgettable.Mine happened when I was five,when my parents took me to the city zoo.It was a hot summer so most animals were

lasting impression 印象 持久/深刻.a friend with lasting impression 印象深刻的朋友 请采纳谢谢

根据题目要求原创的,绝对切题.Dear Mary,I am glad to write to you about my life in China. I've been in China for two years. Among all the places, Beijing is the most impressive city. I went there by plane.

首先要介绍景点的名字和方位:句型:xx is a very beautiful scenery spot and it is located 然后介绍景点的最最吸引人眼球的地方:句型:xx is famous for ,most people come to visit because 接着给出旅游景点注意事项和建议:句型:when

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