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在 有1册到第4册的答案及听力原文 Unit One Time-Conscious Americans Understanding Words Listening Task 1 1. She is so lazy that it is quite difficult to assess her ability. 2. We spent a restless night in a

<p><a href="" target="_blank"></a></p>test1 part1 1~20 bdacc dacdb

unit1part AEx1 1-5 a c d a dpart BEx1 1-5 b a d c a unit2part BC1 Ex1 1-4 c d b dC2 Ex1 1-4 c b a cpart DEx 1-3 b d aunit3part BC1 Ex1 1-4 d c d cC2 Ex1 1-5 c b a d cpart DEx 1-3 a d cEx 1-4 a b c aunit4part AEx1 1-5 d c a d dpart BC1 Ex1 1-4

Test one1-5 DDADC 6-10 ACCCB 11-15 DBCBD 16. Researchers 17. murder 18. Fortunately19. harmony 20. advantage 21. boxers22. brains23. Even the most ordinary household items such as irons or can-openers are designed for right-



我要提问 3答案?急求? 急求大学体验英语听说教程3第三版review unit1、2、3答案? 匿名 分享到微博 提交回答 1 问: 新视野大学英语听说教程第二册的答案 答: 新视野大学英语听说教程第二册1


新视野大学英语视听说教程1答案Unit1 II. Listening SkillsListening for Names1.David 2.Leigh 3.Vicky Klein 4.Laura Tish Hill 5. Anthony McDonaldIII. Listening In1.B 2.D 3.B 4.C 5.ATask 1: EnrollingTask 2: Living on Campus1. She thinks it's easy

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