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选择题: 21.___is nAturAl, hE mArriED MAry.

D 正如,就如很自然的,他和Mary结婚了.用法和As is known to us 众所周知的……As is reported in the newspaper 就象报纸报道的一样……这类用法,As不可以和Which 替换.没有用It来连接两个句子的.

由as,which引导的非限制性定语从句,as和which可代整个主句,相当于and this或and that.As一般放在句首,which在句中.As we know,smoking is harmful to one's health.The sun heats the earth,which is very important to us.as和which在引导非限制

C 定语从句

21.are 23.some milk

您好!选择题:(1)This is the best film_. (B)A.that I have ever seen B.which I have ever seen C.that he bought D.which I will see (2)This is the book_last week. (B)A.that he bought it

a wait for固定词组b 复数,每天的话就用现在时d uncle是男的,like后面用hima promise不及物要加tob 问什么答什么

a) over a) an order b) on c) steps d) drawd) presentc) much d) the results of whichc) I most want to visit d) of whom

21.It has long been known that there is an electric field ______.a.inside the earth b.inside earth c.inside an earth d.on earth 我们都知道地球里有电场.因为地球只有一个所以要加定冠词THE22.______ much h

looking for 寻找那条狗正在公园找它的儿子.

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