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关于学校郊游的英语作文Greenery safflower, is really beautiful!The classmates climb halfway up the mountain, want to rest, butinsisted that victory

学校郊游英语作文不超过50字初二may,i went for an outing with my classmates.we went to the nanhu park at eight in the morning.we got there by bus.

写一篇关于自己在学校郊游的英语作文初一(70~80词)_百度us many about Chinese history.I learned a lot.All in all,this school trip was interesting and we were very happy.

写一篇学校组织的郊游英语作文学校组织一次郊游,时间定于暑假。届时,汽车在星期一早晨8:30从学校门口出发,于星期三上午9点返回。 郊游期间老师带领大家参观当地的风景并

写关于春游的英语作文 5句话 要中文记一次春游 A Spring Outing Spring in March, accompanied by the comfortable weather and warm sunshine, our class had a

学校组织春游支持去春游的英语作文close to nature, love nature, love of community. Spring process allows students to unity and cooperation, enhance the abilit

英语作文school trip学校郊游,初一水平。Last week we went on a school trip.We took a bus to Beijing.The weather there was

关于春游的英语作文,至少5句Spring Outing(春游) Many students are going spring outing.Some students are boating.And

英语作文 学校的一次郊游 50词 要求;地点;公园 .其他Last Sunday we had a school trip in a park. On that morning we got up early and

关于春游的英语作文150个词A Spring OutingSpring came with ail its glories.The new grass exposed its green colour.

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