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Colbie Caillat 的 try

歌曲名字A Sunny Day,由Audiojungle的两位Yuar和Soundroll制作。 歌词: Hand in hand On the warm sand We are walking Barefoot and free In your eyes I see blue skies Reflection And everything is blue and blurry Kissed by sun Loved ...

是不是前段时间billborad上的coco,一个黑人唱的,你说的这句应该是 I'm in love with the coco, I got it for the low low. 歌手 O.Y. Genasis.

Eminem&Dido - Stan 专辑:The Marshall Mathers My tea's gone cold I'm wondering why I.. got out of bed at all The morning rain clouds up my window.. and I can't see at all And even if I could it'll all be gray, but your picture o...

Can‘t Hide


歌名《I can see your smile》徐鲤作曲 邓武作词 刘蜚声演唱 这下面是主题歌的歌词 I can see you smile, I can see you cry, I am happy for your love and I’m sad as you’re alone, You can touch my hand, you can touch my heart, you show...

love to be loved by you I can’t believe I’m standing here Been waiting for so many years and Today I found the Queen to reign my heart You changed my live so patiently ?And turned it into something good and real I feel just lik...

Lecresia Richelle Holbdy - U Think its a joke(itunes搜一下 不出意外应该是 网上真的搜不到这首 但听另一首only you 应该是了)

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