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要答应就答应嘛,不答应就算求了 用英语怎么翻译

If yes, say yes. No, say no. That's all. =>

你好! 答应、承诺 promise 英[ˈprɒm&a

你好,可翻译为:If you make a promise,then you must carry

翻译如下:我不能答应你的要求 I cannot consent to your request. 例

答应我这个请求 Promise me this request

I'll keep waiting until you give me a promise.

你会答应我,让我做你女朋友吗? Will you promise me, let me be you

If after one year, you still love me the same way

For Nick, the fact of death stands relentlessly be

my brother promise me android scarf when he come b

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