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总感觉英文译不出中文之美望您满意!I love beautiful things, first is the beauty of nature. Lots of my poems are about nature. When I go to the mountains, the lakes or the seas, and when I see the flowers on the roadside, or even the wild grass in

We realise in practice that the national development must be adapted to the developing trends of the world, conform to the National People's interest requirements, set out from native national condition, take economic development as the central

He lived in America for 3 years and finished his bachelor degree, after that he went to UK and stayed there for 1 year time studying Post-Master courses. Although his mother language is not English, he didn't have any obstacle of it. Before he went to

its maiden voyage. But who also didn't expect that, after four days of the night, the ship will hit an iceberg, and then sink, 1500 people were buried at sea, its glorious life also since then draw a full stop. When we first saw the movie, when we are

Translation is a kind of cross-cultural exchange of information and exchange activities, is a comprehensive and complete information dissemination, it is in another language, the accuracy of re-expression, information transfer. As JuriLotman

The living environment of the pandas inside the panda habitat is very good. The keepers feed them with bamboos and carrots regularly. When we arrived there, the pandas were just having their meals, so we were able to see them clearly through the

他心跳的如此之快,以至于他几乎喘不过气. His heart so fast that he almost suffocative. 他被禁止入城. He was forbidden to into the city. 直到第二次世界大战才开始使用喷气式飞机. Until after the second world war began to use the jet plane.

Who is this child? She how such trouble? This is John's daughter. Oh she is his child.

1、 we are in different countries and the environment, speak different languages, i think it is rare.

都已经说不要e69da5e6ba903231313335323631343130323136353331333231386130机译了 haha.More than a year of working at a foreign company has allowed me to accumulate very valuable working experience, has encouraged me to have

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