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To play a total of an hour 一共玩了1个小时 To play a to one hour (一般用于将来时) 例:He will finish writing

一个半小时 英文: 1、one and a half hours 例句:I spent only o

有两种常用表达an hour and a half和one and a half hours,缩写的

Students should be allowed to play outdoors for an

Children have played in the park for an hour. Chil

每一天我能玩一小时的电脑游戏英语翻译是:Every day I can play computer

I advised him to take a rest for an hour. 我建议他玩一个小

你好! 时间快到了,还需要呆一个小时嘛 Time is running out, you als

你问的英语是英语课吗? 我们的英语已经上了一个半小时.(用完成时) We have had

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