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不知道是不是这首歌:《 I COULD GO》 performed by oberhofe, 里面的歌词是:Oh Oh Oh ---- I know you,I know you, I could go 。我也很喜欢这首歌,是在《车轮不息》里面听到的,希望楼主采纳给奖励啊,这可是我找了许久自己打上去的。Ps. 如...

till the world ends

let it go

歌曲名:Gold 歌手:Owl City 专辑:The Midsummer Station Gold Owl City Skech it up and take a bow There're something they aren't showing There's no need to look around You're the best we gotta going Shout out to the dreams you chas...

Nelly的《Dilemma 》 I.. love you, and I.. need you Nelly I.. love you, I do.. neeeeed you - but No matter what I do, all I think about is you Even when I'm with my boo, Know you know I'm crazy over you No matter what I do, all ...

Lenka - The Show

我想到的是lady gaga——bad romance(前面) 或者是christina aguilera——Ain't No Other Man(中间)


Maroon5的i don't wanna know


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