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我没听过哦.不过我听过一首韩文歌中间也有这个.T-ara的SEXY LOVE .你去听听看吧,看是不是这个.不是的话我再帮你找..

need you now 此刻我需要你 picture perfect memories 想念中的美好记忆 scattered all around the floor 都散落在地板上 reaching for the phone 伸手去拿电话 'cause i can't fight it anymore 因为我再也无法抗拒 and i wonder if i ever cross your mind

不是girlfriend 是sweet box的human sacrifice 歌词:Do you still remember when you promised me the perfect love 你是否记得你曾承诺会给我完美的爱情 And I gave you everything and still you said it wasn't enough 我给了你我的一切,你说还不够

这应该是来自一首非常经典的歌曲,名字是cry me a river ,Julie London 版本的.这首歌的第一句歌词是Now you say you're lonely.曲调同lz链接中的调调.只是链接中的每一句都在重复该句的调子.而歌词中唱的now,我觉得应该是nao,因为视频中的机器人名字叫NAO

Sarah Connor 的Living To Love You 歌词:All we had was just one summer, two lovers strolling in the park, but like they say, the world keeps turning, as the leaves were falling, we should fall apart. Now im waiting for the winter, to build my castle out

应该是这首.Boom Clap - Charli XCXBoom Boom Boom ClapYou're picture perfect blueSunbathing on the moonStars shining as your bones illuminateFirst kiss just like a drugUnder your influenceYou take me over you're the magic in my veinsThis

我知道了 是艾薇儿的when you are gone. 歌词是Do you see how much I need you right now


我觉得你要找的是这首 Taylor Swift-sparks fly 试试吧 应该是 祝你好运

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