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……我晕... 这样的我想找也找不到啊.. 1确定是英文歌吗? 2全程都是男声吗? 3还有听到别的关键词吗一个也好- -.. 4整首歌的气氛是怎样的?

just can't let you go

New Day (Live) 播放 歌手:Alicia Keys 语言:英语 所属专辑:Alicia Keys - VH1 Storytellers (Live) 发行时间:2013-06-21

找的好难啊,歌曲:stay here forever 歌手jewel 嘿嘿,给分吧

Don't go,please stay 演唱:Aaron Neville

I'm about to lose the battle and cross the line I'm about to make another mistake And even though I try to stay away everything around me keeps dragging me in I can't help thinking to myself what if my time would end today, tod...


找对人了,哈哈~Go To SleepGuilty ConsciencemoshDeja VuBusinessBrain DamageTrack 02I'm Having a RelapseSquare DanceWithout MeSing For The MomentLose Yourself (CDS)The Real Slim ShadyMy Name IsWhen I'm Gone - DirtyNumb Encore (Re...

我找见一个符合开头好多let it go,后面是说唱的,但是是两个男的唱的 Wiz Khalifa (feat. Akon)- Let It Go 你听听是不是这个,不是的话就不知道了

Stay Here Forever jewel Oh(Oh) Oh(Oh) Oh Oh I'm laying here dreaming, Staring at the ceiling Wasting the day away The world's flying by our window outside But hey baby thats OK This feels so right it can't be wrong So far, as I...

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