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《hold tight》Hold tight, count to three, Gotta stay close by me And hold tight, sing and shout Just ride my round-about And hold tight, shut your eyes, girl, You suit me for size. Forget the other guys. You\\'ll never fall each time you call. Hold tight, hold

You're beautiful ..很经典的歌

叫lucky绝对没错 是科比和杰斯唱的 im lucky im in love with my best friend

你说的是hilary duff唱的: 《 fly 》 这里有mp3下载:

burning passion is sweet 激情令人幸福 love makes weak 爱情令人脆弱 you said you cherished freedom so you refuse to let it go 你曾说过自由至上 因此你不愿被束缚 follow your fate 命中注定 love and hate 爱恨情仇 never fail to seize the day but

free bird -- Lynyrd Skynyrd自由鸟.是珍妮准备自杀的时候响起的音乐.

I'll let you see, my fantastic place

I Knew You Were Trouble

采纳我的吧against all oddshow can i just let u walk away ? 我怎能让你离开?just let u leave without a trace. 让你消失得无影无踪when i stand here taking every breath with u,ooh! 当我站在这儿和你一起呼吸的时候.u're the only one. 你是唯一一

tell me where i standare we gonna be hand in handor did i just fall in love with a friendtell me where i standwe ain't' gotta move it nowherei just gotta know where i amyou gotta know what i'm feeling when i see you babeit's been a while we been

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