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时间的表达: 1、所有的时间都可以用“小时 + 分钟”直接读: 1:10 one ten 9:30 nine thirty 1:40 one forty 2、如果所表述的时间在半小时之内,可以用“分钟 + past + 小时”: 1:10 ten past one 2:20 twenty past two 10:25 twenty-five past te...

以前:before 现在:now We did it like that before.But we do it like this now. 以前我们那样做,现在我们这样做。

long long ago A long time ago Long time ago Once upon a time Long long time ago

This technology has been being improved since the 90s.

曾经有人说过 Someone used to say

曾经的社会 英文:Once society;Once upon a time 从前的偏见 英文:Former prejudice;Prejudice of the past

千万不能说poor,外国人最忌讳听这句话,你是想谦虚的表达,可是听的人会很不舒服。 你可以说My English is not very well. 其实没必要这样谦虚的,外国人根本不会嘲笑你英语好不好,你会说他已经很高兴了,就像外国人说中国话我们一样不会嘲笑他...

用英文表达原来如此可用I see来表达. 例子: 原来如此。现在我了解你的意思。 A: I see.Now I understand what you mean. 原来如此!我要去找镜子瞧仔细些了卜晚安! Oh I see! I will go and find a mirror to take a thorough look!* Goodnight...

涉及 1.involve 2.relate to 3.refer to 4.touch upon 例句 1.Does your work involve a lot of paper fillingtyping? 你的工作是不是牵涉到很多文件归档和打字工作? 2.Many relate to past guarantees that the former parent company issued ...

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