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以my BEst FriEnD为题写一篇英语作文

My best friend is Billie Jaen.She has short hair.She has two big eyes and a small mouth.She is tall and thin.She lives on the tenth floor of a tall building.There are five people in her family.Xiao Yi likes to do sports.She likes to play badminton and volley

My best friend is my classmate Jack. We have been good friends since we entered the same class. Jack is a very interesting boy and also very kind hearted. He studies very hard and always gets the top score in my class. When we have difficulties

I have a good friend. her name is xxx. she is 16 years old. We are classmates. She likes sports very much.i also like sports .so we often swim or play tennis together ,nuturally we become good friends. She also like English very much.Her dream is to

1.My Best Friend Hello, everyone! My name is Xing Xiaoqing. You can call me Cherry. I'm in Class 0506. Li Nan is my best friend. She's thirteen years old. Her birthday is on October 3rd and she was born in Shen Zhen. She lives with her family

My best friend is Mary. She lives in a tall building. She lives on the fifth floor. Everyday she takes the lift up and down. She is twelve years old. She is tall and thin. She has short black hair, two big eyes and a small mouth. She is very cute. I like playing

Li Yan,my best friend,is my classmate. She has big eyes. Her long hair is often plained.Sweet smile is often on her face,which makes her more lively. LiNan is very clever.She is good at her school subjects. She has won the school scholarship twice,

回答 My best friend is a girl.Her name is Joyc e.Let me introduce she to you!e68a84e8a2ad62616964757a686964616f31333335343333 Joyce is twelve(12) years old.Her brithd ay date is on 5th of May.Her horoscope is Tourus.Her father and

I have a best friend. His name is XXX. This year he is 16 years old, his face looks round, fat, very cute, his character cheerful, lively, is a very sunshine teenager. He likes reading, painting, music, sports, and listen to the most favorite sports is

Li Ling is one of my best friend. She is seventeen years old. She is slim and beautiful with a pair of glasses. She has long hair. She is hard-working and interested in all the subjects we learn at school. She is really good at maths and English. Mary is

Zhunjun is my classmates.he is as old as me.He is very handsome and he is very lively.He is interested in many things.Not only he likes sports and music,but also he works very hard.He often gets good marks.He gets ready to help people and he

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