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Because she teach us English very well, very hard for us, also is very kind, so my favorite teacher is English teacher

她对我们的学习很认真 She is serious about our study. 她对我们的学习很认真 She is serious about our study.

你好! 他工作和我一样认真 He works as carefully as I

楼主您好: 以下是我的翻译: 亲爱的老师,非常感谢您。感谢您对我的帮助,在英语课上你认真的教课。耐心的回答我们的问题。你值得我们尊敬。祝你感恩节快乐。永远年轻,健康。 My dear teacher, thank you very much. Thank you for helping me...

我是一个又有耐心又仔细工作认真负责的人, I am a person who is patient and careful and responsible,

I Have a strong sense of responsibility ,take work seriously.

He is serious about everything .希望对你有帮助,翻译都是仁者见仁智者见智

He cares about his students and makes friends with us. He works seriously and responsibly. 绝对正确

The English teacher is a young pretty lady. She works hard and is liked by everyone

翻译是:Thank you for your kindness. I'll give your suggestion my careful consideration. 句子解释: kindness 英[ˈkaɪndnəs] 美[ˈkaɪndnɪs] n. 仁慈,善行; 友好的行为; [例句]We have been treated with s...

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