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I was informed that you had left +++ company for America. We feel regret about that and miss you very much. We've successfully established a close contact and relationship through years of cooperation. We hope you will remeber us when you are in

At current, there are many candidates, we are considering, your information has been submitted, we will consider seriously to choose the most suitable candidate.

Taste the great Knight, enjoy the whole life.

难啊 我英语才6级 翻译不来

JANICE,I must thank you.When I am listening to your songs,it is like the wind in the hot room.I don't know why,I think of you when I am listening your songs sometinmes.Are you tired now?Did you used to be?When we were immersing in the games,

如果成熟意味着他们恰好在全球的竞争对手都以电视行业作为切入口的时候用尽产品创意,那么是的,the indestry已经成熟了.indestry 是不是打错了?好像没这个词

1.他想认识那个戴红帽子的女孩. He wants to know the girl _who__is in a red hat. 2.这就是我们最喜欢的卧室. This is the bedroom __that/which_we like best. 3.我们现在所做的就是努力工作. All _that/不填__we have to do is to work hard now.

Bridge Long ago, the west lake, white dike GuShan - only a nameless wooden bridge. Often, like rotten, make QiaoBan very inconvenient visitors. There last period of bridge led by seller, the couple, a fisherman soil. Because of the bad business.

between 1836 and 1994,san francisco had 11 earthquakes.earthquakes happen when rocks under the earth move. 1836到1994年间,三藩市共发生了11次地震.当地底下的石头移动时地震就会发生.when they move a little. there is a small space

Along with the rapid development of science and technology, information and to increase dramatically more information, digitalization development. Information management system is a computer by other people, can make information collection,

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