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36.B (Black Americans,who sang and played the music of their homeland,created jazz.)37.C (About 40 years between 1800s to 1920s)38.D (They played in bars and clubs in


不算从句,因为修饰成分crossing the dangerous Pass中没有主语和谓语,这是现在分词短语作定语后置.

though在这作副词,可以解释为“然而”.My main objection做主语, objection to it 是指对它的异议,to it 是修饰 objection的, although后面都是表语从句


1.-Oh,the box is too heavy.-_____________?B.Can I help you to carry it 2.-Don't take too long at the coffee shop.It's 14:15.-_____________.B.I see.We have 30 minutes left

IPhone has the most fashionable appearance design and the most humanized operation system. At the same time, Nokia has the highest pixel density. And Sumsung has got the most wonderful screen. Anyway, I hope to have a phone with all those advantages above!

你把2,3句弄反了哦~~If it rained tomorrow,i would stay at home算是一种虚拟语气,如果明天下雨,我会呆在家里(实际上从各方面的消息可确定,比如从天气预报上得知,明天根本不会下雨)表达明天会去!If it rains tomorrow, i will stay at home这句表达将来的假设,是If引导的条件状语从句(主句将来时,从句用现在时),如果明天下雨,我会代呆在家里

we should learn english because studying english is the trend nowadays and we need it to communicate with others. but the time we spent on the study usually d

你好,按顺序回答你的问题哦 1. the hairdressers/(thin)/fat 这道是the开头,让我用什么去开头呢?我也像例句用Are开头么? 回答:是的,hairdressers是理发师的意思.可以这样说 Are the hairdressers thin or fat? They

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