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英语翻译 这个地址麻烦大虾帮忙翻译下英文 要非常...

701/unit 1, building 36, NO. 72, Hong Du Da DAO, Nan Chang, Jiang Xi Province, China.其实如果你不确定的翻译 都是可以用拼音代替 只要大体不变就可以.我家就是这么翻译的.如果你是要寄信 其实只要写个CHINA 然后其它的地址用中文都没有问题.外国人不会深究.这个地址我确定可以用.

The Chinese Hebei Province Qinhuangdao Yan Shan university west checks 969 mailboxes of area

上面都是直接copy词霸翻译结果,我有经过自己修改的 采纳我 我是毅强啊,嘿嘿 This time we go to visit Taiwan,although the travel is in a rush,we saw a lot of places,visited some old friends and made some new friends,we come together to talk

6, 6th Building16-1 Jianghan 4th RoadWuhan xxxxxx ,HubeiXXXXXX是指邮政编码

During the first round of 2009 playoffs , the Celtics and the Bulls together played a match of 7 games with 7 extras , which was a historic miracle !

麻烦各位大虾帮忙翻译一下 匿名 分享到微博 提交回答 1 问: 大家帮忙翻译一下英文 答: 这个应该 回答 2 英语翻译 相关知识 答: 审计报告翻译,中文翻译英文,西安邦尼翻译的报价是150元/每千字

BEAUTY'S ROSEA year later Beauty's father gets an important letter. He calls his six children and says."Listen to this letter"Your ship is here!It is not lost at sea!please come to the port. Everyone is happy. "This is wonderful news!"say the

Guangzhou panyu district soared through avenue 18 stuated juttah a ladder 101 room 希望采纳哦.谢谢.


"In addition, the single chip microcomputer as microcomputer as an important branch in the modern society, the production and the life is playing a more

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