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英语翻译.用到括号里的词组.还有这题: 这时我忽...

1、 I don't figure out her,she is a secirt 2、He drops in on every family from one country to another, looking for their sadness 3、Jim is always on side with John in debation

This is a problem that we usually ignore but indeed exists in our daily life

I just remembered

In view of the seriousnee of this problem, we shall never ignor it at will, otherwise it will cause bad consequence. 这里用shall强调决不能 造成用cause

您好! 由于我的个人疏忽,导致了以下货物没有在5号当天出货,我表示非常抱歉 我将安排这些货物今天排出,预计7号可以送达店铺 翻译为: Because of my personal negligence, leading to the following goods are not shipped in the 5th day, I...

忽略 遗漏 ignore omissive elide neglect overlook neglection

“我对我的疏忽和大意表示由衷的歉意,并对您的谅解表示由衷的感谢。” -------- From the bottom of my heart, I am genuinely sorry for my carelessness and sincerely thankful for your forgiveness. (标准的English version, 但实在太hypocri...

because of our fault,some problems came up.

Pls disregard the e-mail I sent just now, It's wrong .


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