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He is 13 but he still depend on his parents too much.Can you help look after her son when Linda is out?We get up early to catch the early bus.Don't spend too much time on computer games.I think that children are not necessary to learn English.Do

Now, the rapid development of science and technology, the human society into a new era, the information age. It is indisputable fact, Information on the great social and economic development, and the material and energy as modern society, it has

Advertising and marketing implantable implantable says, refers to the brand and product or the visual representationNumber and even service content in film, TV strategic media content, through the scene, just silentlyInterest will be instilled in


Overall, Italy hopes that the United Nations and the international community can in a peaceful way to resolve the North Korea nuclear is

约翰是我班上一个非常好的男生.但是,他在上课时干任何事,除了好好上课.(这个ANYTING 应该是anything吧)他的作业从来没有按时完成过.他不为考试而学习,(TE

(⊙o⊙)…,中国人说话有很多修饰,但是外国人就很简单,不是我翻得不好,话先说前面~!【推荐译文】his words always in my mind【修饰例举】晴空万里 bule sky夜黑风高 moonless and windy day英语就是这么简单,不像中

With the globalization process speeding up and the diversifying of the market demands, the current HR(human resorce) strategies of the minor enterprise in South Jiangsu is no longer suitable to the days. To gain a sustainable development,



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