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我们翻译的人都追求信达雅,我稍稍修改其中的句子,不一定直接翻译.打星的下面有注释The University of Dundee is a British university with rich cultural history. The most appealing aspect is its gorgeous scenery and excellent learning


Hello, my Chinese name is * *, English name is * *, you can call me * *My father is a teacher, mother in the media industry. I graduate from the * * school, 18 years old this year, I am outgoing, friendly people. I am very confident and very perseverance,

1.Cinecitta is the best cinema because it has the biggest screen.2. Zhongshan cinema is the nearest cinema from my home.3. Huada cinecitta is the most popular because it is the cheapest.4. Which cinema has the friendliest service?5. The seats

Respected leaders:Hello! Thank you very much for you in your busy day watching my recommendation.I am jiangsu maritime vocational and technical college maritime technology, professional 2010 graduates from jiangsu yancheng. Rural life

I have many hobbies,such as listening to the music,reading books,watching movies,especially paying computer games.Very few boys can stop themselves from being caught by the charm of the computers.When I was in the first grade of junior high

she put the bike aside, his stood by the lake, watching two children play in the water swimming. then, a thief slowly ride his bicycle. for a moment, when she found out that her car was gone, she burst into tears and nasty shout. she called the police.

Avoid Chinese negative transfer, to improve the students' practical communicative ability Chinese to English learning interference is a complicated process. It is the starting point of learning a foreign language, Chinese culture and reference of

Behind these differences reflected in culture maybe it's not hard to explain, first of all, the asia-europe party on the attitude of drinking th

时间是一位公平的雇主.每个人每天都有着相同数量的时间.富人不能多买来时间;科学家也不能发明出新的时间.而你,也不可以把时间储存起来在另外一天使用.如此,时间的确【amazing】是公平且仁慈的.无论你在过去浪费了多少时间,你仍然会拥有一个完整的明天.成功取决于规划时间和决定轻重缓急.时间的价值远远胜于金钱.并且浪费时间就是断送我们成功的机会.这就是我们在今后生活中当实现【realize in】的.可能你的文章还得修改一下,主要就是断句啦、、、、、呵呵

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